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16 jobs are saved after bankruptcy

Växjö • Publicerad 12 november 2019
Foto: Cecilia Karlsson

A couple of weeks ago, Kallskänksgourmé in Växjö went bankrupt. Now the company Einar Operating has taken over the business. This means that 16 people get to keep their jobs.

– It feels fun to take over and give the company the opportunity for a new venture. Here are opportunities to develop the company's operations to new levels, and we have a long-term thinking as we enter into this, says Anders Rungegård, CEO of Einar Operating.

Einar Operating has a turnover of approximately 80 million Swedish crowns and runs companies such as Sweden Sport Academy, EC Life and Ingers. The former owners of Kallskänks gourmeé and employees are now in the new company that is now taking over operations.

– This is a good puzzle piece that fits well with our other operations. We will take advantage of the knowledge that exists in the company, but also see new opportunities for the future, says Anders Rungegård.

Kallskänksgourmé was founded in 1998 and has made baguettes, sandwiches, salads and sandwich cakes for shops.

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