80 people on the police's list in Araby

Växjö • Publicerad 21 januari 2019
Foto: Lena Gunnarsson

The police have a list of around 80 people with links to Araby/Dalbo that they have an extra interest in.

– Araby has no pronounced criminal gangs that always stick together. It is more about loosely assembled networks where people can switch networks depending on what happens in a constellation, says Admir Smailagic, who is head of the police focus group in Araby to Smålandsposten.

According to Smailagic, Araby has changed for the better during the three years of the operation. Initially, drug trafficking was seen which occurred relatively openly.

– Today it is a different situation, and we work more individually adapted with the focus people to, in some cases, get rid of them from the streets. It is the only way to get peace and harmony in the area, says Amir Smailagic to Smålandsposten.

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