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A love story between Marly and her piano

The love of music is lifelong for pianist Marly Andersson.
– I teach children to play with their hearts instead of their hands.
Växjö • Publicerad 17 mars 2020
Foto: Maha Nasser

She grew up with music, she loves the music and the music loves her. She is Marly Andersson, a piano lover of Brazilian origin. Her heart has been attached to the piano since she was six years old and today she is one of the best pianists in Växjö. Marly also has another love story that brought her to Sweden. It Is her story with her Swedish husband, Sten Fredrik Andersson.

– I came to Sweden for love. Yes, it was my love to my husband, the Swedish engineer Sten Fredrik Andersson, who came to Brazil to work as a mechanical engineer in Scania.


Marly went back in her memory and says:

– I still remember that day very well, we were at a concert in the city of São Paulo, my hometown. I was curious and wanted to get to know him. He asked me if I wanted to dance with him. And I answered him yes. We danced all night. It was wonderful love. Yes, it was love at first sight. A year later he returned to Sweden and sent me a message and asked me to come to Sweden. He sent me forty love letters and asked me to come here. So I decided to come.

Marly initially struggled to learn Swedish, and it took four years. Then Marly studied music education at the University of Växjö. That took a lot of time and effort. But there was someone who helped and supported her.

– My husband helped me a lot with my musical journey and I am grateful for that. He always encourages me and tells me that "you are the best pianist in Växjö". I was also fortunate enough to get a temporary position in Växjö. I also got my driver's license a year after I arrived, says Marly.

Do you have a special relationship with music in general and piano in particular?

– Yes, I started playing piano when I was only 6 years old. Every Sunday I went to the church to listen to the piano and try to play as well. All kinds of music is inspiring to me. I performed with the choir orchestra and played the piano individually. It has been a long career. It took me 18 years to study piano at the conservatorio as well as the university. I love music and I play the piano four hours every day, says Marly.

Marly previously worked in several schools and music schools in Växjö. After that she decided to open her own music school in her house in Hovshaga in Växjö.

– Today I work as a music teacher and pianist. I teach children to play the piano. I have about 20 students and I teach them to play with their hearts instead of their hands and to love music. I have 80 piano lessons per month. I love my job very much. The day when students do not come to take lessons, I feel that I am not feeling well and I feel a vacuum inside me. Of course I feel tired from the pressure of work and teaching, but my soul needs it. Piano playing is great, says Marly.

Marly has played in hundreds of concerts. The concerts have been in, for example, Växjö, Tingsryd, Väckelsång, Göteborg och Stockholm.

– Five years ago I had a piano program in Öppna kanalen in Växjö. It was broadcast every Thursday and Sunday. In addition to that, I have a YouTube channel through which I try to teach those who are interested in music to play the piano and inspire others. Some videos reached to hundreds of thousands views, says Marly.


What is your advice to people coming from other countries and aspiring to achieve their dreams here in Sweden?

– I want to say to everyone who comes to Sweden, and who leaves a lot behind, that they should live in the present and not in the past. Do not think too much about what is happening in your home country. Because that spoils your present and will make you vulnerable. Try to think about your present and future, work and seize the opportunity.

Maha Nasser
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