Ali Kassab dreams of stardom

- Singing is my life, and I want to participate in the programs of singing competitions such as Arab Idol and The voice.
- I love singing in Arabic, mix Arabic and Swedish into one song, a great idea.
- Learning Swedish will help you to integration, and understand the community, and open up many opportunities for you.
Växjö • Publicerad 27 februari 2019
Foto: Maha Nasser

Twenty-six-year-old Ali Kassab arrived in Sweden in September 2015 after an arduous journey lasting a month. Like other Syrians, Ali was forced to leave his country because of the war. Ali says in interview with Mosaic:

- I was in the last year of the university engineering department. I was almost graduate. But I forced to leave my country, my family and my friends. And chose to come to Sweden in search of safety and freedom and a better future.


Ali is fond of music and singing. He is a talented young man with a beautiful voice. Where he started his journey with music early.

- I started to sing when I was in 12 years old. When I discovered my love for singing and music, I started to develop my talent. I was enrolled in the Institute of Singing and Guitar. I was lucky, because I got a lot of help and support from my friends. I also have a lot of concerts at the university or on special occasions. Ali says.

He participated Kassab in one of the local programs for the singing competitions, which called The voice Aleppo. He reached to the stage of direct offers.

But he had to leave and leave his dream behind him. He left Syria to search for a homeland where he can be safe, so that he can achieve his dream.

- Singing is life for me. I love singing a lot, and I feel it is going on in my blood. when I lose hope, I find all life and hope in singing. I enjoy a lot when I sing, I feel alive. I add something to life through singing. My dream is to become a superstar and this is my goal in life.

What is your plan to reach stardom?

- There are many plans, some of which were followed by many famous singers. For example, through social media and concerts, or through the programs of singing competitions such as Arab Idol, and The Voice. I'm training a lot right now. As well as publishing videos on social media.

Will you sing with the Swedish or the Arab language?

- I am very proficient in Arabic songs, and I find myself in Arabic songs. I feel that my soul is singing in Arabic. But that does not mean that, I will not sing in another language. I would like to sing in English and Swedish for the pleasure of my non-Arabic speakers fans. I also want to mix Arabic and Swedish into one song. "I think it would be a great idea. Ali added.

Regarding the difficulties he faced when he came to Sweden. Ali said, He had difficulty in integration, and meet friends. Because of the difference between the two cultures.


- First, I had to learn the language so that I could understand the community and get to know friends, which would take a lot of time. Actually, Swedes are a very kind people and they love helping others. If the see that you are a talented person, or have skill, and you can add something to the community. they do not hesitate to provide assistance and support.

In addition to being an singer, he works as a Swedish teacher in Stdiefrämjandet. He teaches newcomers, who have not yet received residence, and they can not go to school.

- When I arrived to Sweden I spoke English, and then I decided to challenge myself by learning Swedish. Because Swedish was the key and password to understand society and get opportunities. I have completed all stages of language learning. Now I work as a Swedish language teacher for newcomers at Stdiefrämjandet. I have been working since nine months. I got help from Frank Jonelis, who gave me this opportunity and confidence that made me believe in my abilities, and feel that I can contribute in the society. I am grateful to him for this trust and opportunity.

What is your plan for stability in Sweden?

- I do not have a specific plan. But I hope that my dreams will come true in the near future. In addition, I will join the university next summer. I have not decided yet. But I think I will complete what I started, studying engineering. I also record Arabic songs with my musician friend and music distributor Nader Mukarker, who helps me with the training. As well as with the help of music professor Pär Alexusson, who recorded the song. Also Aref Yousefi filmed the video clip. The song published in Valentine's day . It is a song for the famous Arabic singer Nancy Ajram, callds” am bet alla feek”. The song recorded in a new style that differs from the original song in terms of music distribution. And then I will release my own songs.

Ali Kassab ended his talk with advice for newcomers to Sweden, and emphasizes the importance of learning Swedish.

- For Those who like to learn Swedish can not rely solely on what they receive in school. It is necessary to practice and speak with the friends. Because of the education is a boring way to learn a new language. But when you meet friends, who have the same interest and chatted with them, it is a fun and easy way to learn in record time. You should to have a goal in life, and you must devote your effort and time to achieve it.

Maha Nasser
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