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Alternative Pride Week is arranged in Växjö

Växjö Pride will be arranged as planned between May 4 and May 9. But it will be a week of activities arranged in a different way compared to other years.
– We change and think of new ideas instead of cancelling. Now it is even more important to raise the LGBTQ issues, says Suzana Moćević, chair of Växjö Pride.
Växjö • Publicerad 30 april 2020
Foto: Ida Edberg

Since 2014, Växjö Pride has been arranged with large public gatherings and a parade with up to 10,000 participants. This year, Växjö Pride is forced to go a different route due to prevailing circumstances surrounding the coronavirus. There will be no parade or grand final party in Linnéparken.

– We started discussing early on how we would find a new form for this year's Växjö Pride. The option to cancel has never been close, but we are beginning to rethink and have made plans for an alternative week of pride. There will be no big events, which is super tedious, but we have found other ways to manifest during the week, says Suzana Moćević.


Växjö Pride will become more digital with both activities and opportunities for Växjö residents to show their support and manifest through social media.

– This year we are highlighting LGBTQ issues in other ways than we are used to. We have put together a fine program that breathes both seriousness and celebration, and which can be carried out in a safe way given the prevailing situation, says Markus Emilsson, project manager for Växjö Pride.

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