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An Appointment With Life

A chronicle by Maha Nasser.
Publicerad 29 maj 2019 • Uppdaterad 30 maj 2019
Detta är en personligt skriven text i Mosaik Vxonews. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.

I have not forgotten that moment, when I left the plane at Copenhagen airport and I was looking forward to see the country, which I have always dreamed of visiting even once.The country which, I have heard much about it, its charming nature and its friendly, peaceful, life-loving people. I still remember that day when I was informed with the consent of Växjö city to host me. my heart was jumping with joy.That day was the best day ever. When I came to Växjö, I saw it a charming little town full of life and breathing freedom.

On the 29th of April last year, I had an appointment with life. Yes, it has been a full year, and over the year I have never felt alienated in this country, the natural feeling you feel in any country that you do not belong to it. In spite of, I came from a distant country with very different culture, tradition, and language. Nobody treated me as an immigrant. I have had a sense of belonging to this country since the first time. In fact, I read a lot about Sweden and Swedish people. No one doubt that Sweden is the icon of peace and symbol of freedom. The Swedish people are a peaceful, friendly people who renounce racism. But when I lived with them I know a lot about them. Swedes are among the most people in the world estimating human value, respect human rights and freedom. They love life, tranquility and nature. They love cultural diversity, and they have great interest and a passion to know more about different cultures. They have a high social awareness, and like science and work, and respects the freedom and privacy of others. This great people taught me the true meaning of humanity.

I have clearly noticed that, how Swedes love nature. You can see houses full of trees ornamental flowers. As well as the existence of parks decorated with various types of trees and flowers of pale colors.I was surprised and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the first spring flowers in different shapes and colors, and fragrant smells. While people were sell them in the cities square. I wanted to buy all the flowers for its beauty and charm. I have adored the nature as the Swedes have. I liked also the view of the trees in the autumn and they are decorated with colorful dresses. like a well-dressed woman who has a closet full with several elegant clothes, and she chooses what suits her, every time she meets her lover. When the winter came, she striped to get ready to wear her wedding dress to get married with her lover and ends her torment and long waiting. When winter comes, white is the predominant color that brings joy to the spirit. It was the first time I had ever seen snow, and the sight of the snow brought warmth to my heart. I closed my eyes and found myself in Wonderland, the strange country that Alice went to. The scene becomes an inspiration for a poet to writes the most beautiful words and embodies of his beloved like Snow White, when he sees the glitter of snow on the twigs of the trees, such as diamonds. The artist plays by his brush to paints the most beautiful paintings.

I lived four real seasons. I embraced Freedom. I learned a lot, and I got what I did not have before. I have received support and encouragement, and a lot of opportunities. I Played the piano for the first time, and attended singing lessons. I have taken a step towards achieving my dream of singing for love and peace. I became stronger, more mature and more confident. I promised myself that I would not be silent anymore, I will always be the voice of the voiceless. I told you from the beginning it was an appointment with life.