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Anger after savings in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 25 december 2019
Foto: Olof Elfverson

Many of the country's municipalities are forced to make savings in cultural activities next year. In Växjö, the Cultural and Leisure Administration will save just over 5 million Swedish crowns, which worries the leaders of the House of the Free Word who are forced to move from their premises.

- We got the message through the newspaper. It was very strange. And it has felt strange to continue working when the business is so clearly pointed out by the politicians, says business manager Joakim Granlund to DN.


Several cultural activities, including the House of the Free Word, will be moved together.

- The politicians' defense from the beginning has been that the business should not be moved. But the whole question is much more complex. Working in this house is a value in itself. Now that we lose it, we have to rethink it completely, says operations manager

Nahide Arabadji to DN.

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