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Artwork will decorate electrical cabinets in central Växjö

Växjö City has completed its competition Street Art Contest and it is now decided which six works of art will adorn six different electrical cabinets in central Växjö.
– No less than 115 unique people have submitted their artwork. Then many people have submitted several grants. So we have had hundreds to choose from. It has been a great breadth and now in Växjö City collaboration we have selected six, says center leader Nils-Petter Nilsson to Smålandsposten.
Växjö • Publicerad 5 maj 2020
Foto: Qarin Piehl

During the spring, artists have been sending their artworks to the Växjö City collaboration's competition Street Art Contest. The competition was organized with the aim of making six electrical cabinets in central Växjö look more creative and now six entries have been selected. The artists behind these are Emilia Linderholm and Anna Nordström, Emma Karlsson and Zandra Elfsson, Qarin Piehl, Johan Pettersson, Johan Elmehag and Astrid Marchal.

– We are very happy! Anna and I worked together a few years ago on the project "Tales of Nature". She photographed Småland views around Växjö, which was printed on canvas. This is just woods outside Sandsbro. We take in the forest in the city. Then I painted her photograph, so our two expressions blend together, says Emilia Linderholm to Smålandsposten.

The artists' work will be mounted on six different electrical cabinets around central Växjö. Among other things, outside the Panduro shop and the restaurant Cyrano. If the art is well received, more electrical cabinets can be styled with art in the future.

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