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As the winter comes by, boredom sneaks through the window

A chronicle by Maha Nasser.
Växjö • Publicerad 26 december 2019
Detta är en personligt skriven text i Mosaik Vxonews. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.

Winter is a beautiful and idyllic season loved by many. I also like it. I adore the snow white that brings warmth to the heart, smell of coffee, read books, and hot food. But all of this cannot protect us from getting bored. Soon the boredom sneaks through the window of the house. One finds him or herself walking on the snow barefoot to search for nothing or bow in the corner of room trying to find meaning for life.

We often hear about winter boredom and gloom that afflict one in this season. The mood fluctuates in the winter and may not want to do activities that you love. Although, there are advantages to winter, except if in this season we have this frightening disease called boredom, which may eventually lead us to feel depressed. All the painful events that we live today, and we have no way to change them cause us to feel bored and depressed. Not to mention the daily routine, psychological stress and life commitments. All these things make us filled with boredom to our edge. In addition to the fluctuation of weather, especially in the winter, which begins with a long night and a dark day, which affects our biological clock, and reflects negatively on the mood. The snow and fog and the lack of people in the abscess due to the cold weather, creates a state of depression and loneliness. And you also find yourself preferring to stay at home to enjoy some warmth and try to find something to do.

Boredom may accompany us all the time or most months of the year, but it is accompanied by depression in the winter and may lead us to lose the desire to live when we do not find something exciting to do, and suddenly discover that we no longer want anything. For example, we no longer want to go out or listen to music, practice sports, read books, cook and other activities that may seem fun any other time of the year. So many people are suffering very serious psychological crises during the winter that may push some to get rid of their lives. I was surprised at first, when I hear that, but after experiencing the winter, I know how depressing one could live in winter, especially if he lived alone. Thus, we must find a way to help us overcome the winter and reduce the feeling of boredom and depression by engaging in fun and entertaining activities that interest us, and try to enjoy everything possible, and avoidance of staying at home for long periods as much as we can.

Perhaps social life and family events, inviting friends, doing various activities, can break boredom to some extent. One can also enjoy the benefits of the four seasons. Each season has a special advantage and we can practice certain activities in which it cannot be practiced in another seasons. Thus, one can enjoy the winter by skiing and other exciting activities. But most of all, you get into a challenge with boredom and try to renew your life. The only way to do that is to find meaning for life, and that means you must have a goal in life seeking to achieve.