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Celebration of International Women's Day in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 6 mars 2020
.Foto: Lennart Ernstsson

On March 8, the Free Word House organizes an event on the occasion of International Women's Day, as well as a celebration of the last day of the activities of Elin Wägner , the Swedish writer who campaigned for Swedish women to obtain their right to vote. The event comes in honor of Elin Wägner's efforts as it provides an opportunity for women's and human rights activists to make their voices and move forward and make the desired change.

– At the free speech house we have a mission we work today the literary legacy in kronoberg. And one of those is just Elin Wägner. She taught hard to get equality for women, the right to vote she was very concered about the envorinmemt even back then. So this manifestation is as mentioned a tribute o ger, where we invite strongt and amazing women from our city to share their voices. Voices that might not has been heard as loudly without the tirelessly and hard work that Elin did. Says Nahide Arabadji, business developer at the cultural and leisure administration.

The women who are invited to participate in the event are: Tina K Persson, Nadia Tariqi, Maha Nasser, Nahide Arabadji, Olja Pekušić, Camilla Carnmo. The event will take place on Sunday at 2:00 pm at Speakers Corner, Storgatan Växjö.

Maha Nasser
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