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Changes in routines

Kronoberg • Publicerad 4 juli 2019

Postnord has stopped emptying and sorting mail on Sundays. If you place a letter on the box after emptying on Fridays, the mail will be sorted and emptied on the following Monday.

If you also live in a place with less than 3000 inhabitants, the emptying times on weekdays also change.

– On an ordinary day we have no physical mail to hand out to one third of all households and in just two years we estimate that we only have something to put in every other box. This means that revenues are decreasing rapidly, but the costs for maintaining the infrastructure are the same. The only revenues we have from letters are those that come from postage. Unfortunately, it is an equation that is becoming increasingly difficult to get together, writes Annemarie Gardshol, head of PostNord Sweden.

Alexander JepsenSkicka e-post
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