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Corona case in elderly care in Alvesta

Alvesta • Publicerad 2 april 2020
.Foto: Jonas Engman

A person in the elderly care in Alvesta has been tested positive for covid-19.

– Due to medical confidentiality, we cannot identify the affected business, but we can confirm that it is the Coronavirus, Covid-19. We have informed the persons concerned and responsible operations are handling the matter, says Arnold Lennartsson, MAS Medical Responsible Nurse in Alvesta Municipality.


No one is currently considered to be seriously ill or in need of hospital care.

– It is important to follow the authorities' recommendations to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. A great responsibility rests on the individual when it comes to hand hygiene, that you stay home if you are sick, but also that you try to avoid people who are sick, says Arnold Lennartsson.

This week, the government decided that there is now a ban on visitors to all the country's elderly housing.

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