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Culture beneath the sky

The Scensommar (scen summer) is Växjö municipality's big summer venture. Between June 26th to August 14th, 70 different performances are offered throughout Kronoberg County.
Växjö • Publicerad 3 juli 2019
.Foto: Urban Nilsson

The most popular are the Wednesday concerts in Linnaeus Park. Artists like Plura, Titiyo and Molly Sandén will perform here.

– We are so happy to get Molly Sandèn at the end of this year's Scensommar. It will be a lovely last summer evening in Linnaeus Park. We hope for a nice turn up and great support, says Therése Johansson, coordinator for Scene Summer.


All events take place outdoors and are free. Several of them are music performances but the audience is also invited to dance, theater, new circus and stand-up. Stand-up is new for this year and is taking place in the Residence's garden in Växjö. Comedians like Elina Du Rietz, Jörgen Sjöberg and Camilla Jonasson will appear on stage.

– Scensommar has grown every year and with different tastes, thoughts and background we have tried to find something for everyone. Of course, we want extra much of everything but it costs, so we have to settle for a good level.

One new feature this year is that Region Kronoberg has entered the project and that the investment now covers all municipalities in the county.

– Scensommar is in line with what the region wants with the culture. We take it closer to the residents and offer arrangements for all ages in music, dance, theater, new circus and stand-up. This summer, the Kronoberg residents gets to come close to quality culture.

The performances are free for those who come and watch but Region Kronoberg puts 700,000 Swedish crowns and the municipalities invests 40,000 Swedish crowns each. Växjö is investing around 1.8 million as there are more performances in Växjö.

What are some things that you cannot miss out on this summer?

– There are so many good events and really something for everyone. But I hope you discover new places that you have not visited before and try something that you do not know much about.  It will be an experience.

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