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First electric bus in Kronoberg

Kronoberg • Publicerad 2 juni 2019
.Foto: Carl Johan Engvall

On June 3rd, Kronoberg's first electric bus is inaugurated. The bus will roll in the special public transport and will contribute to a better climate and a better traffic environment. Region Kronoberg has signed an agreement with Flexbuss and the agreement includes a vehicle that is powered by electricity.

– We are happy and proud to now have Kronoberg's first electric bus. The electric bus contributes to reduced emissions, which is one of our goals with public transport. In addition, it contributes to a quieter and healthier traffic environment. We are now given the opportunity to try out how an electric vehicle works, which is good for coming procurements, says Carina Bengtsson, chairman of the traffic committee.

The bus has thirteen seats and room for four wheelchairs. The bus, which is loaded with electricity which is from a 100% renewable source, will run a school shuttle and daily operations in Växjö city.

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