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Great plans for Lessebo

Lessebo • Publicerad 20 januari 2020
Foto: Lessebo kommun/Vatten och Samhällsteknik AB

There are big plans for the station area in Lessebo. Together with the Kronoberg Region, Lessebo Municipality has prepared various proposals on how the station area could be developed.

Some suggestions that have come up during the discussions are new housing for the elderly and more housing in general.


– More homes and businesses are planned in the municipality to achieve the development strategy's goal of being 10,000 inhabitants by 2025. We have many processes underway and we are working together on a red thread through the development strategy's goals and our vision of sustainability, quality of life and living close to nature, says City Manager Christina Nyquist.

Another idea is to build a fenced parking for commuters but also a new preschool.

– We have now in the beginning of 2020 opened the new climate-smart preschool Galaxen and continue renovating the preschool Stallet during the year. A new preschool at the station in Lessebo is interesting for parents who commute to work in, for example, Växjö and Kalmar. Then you could leave the children and then go directly to the train, says Education Manager Therese Linnér.

The proposals that have been discussed will be included as a basis for the development of the urban area of ​​Lessebo.

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