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Hanaslöv closes for the season

Alvesta • Publicerad 17 mars 2020
.Foto: Filip Sjofors

At the end of February, the ski resort in Hanaslöv, which lies between Växjö and Alvesta, opened the smaller slope suitable for children, young people and beginners. But the mild winter has not been optimal and already the plant has closed for the season. In total, the hill was kept open for two weekends and three weekdays. The tracks for cross-country skiing were open for almost two months.

– It has been a challenge from start to finish to keep going. If you look back, we are satisfied that we got the longitudinal tracks started with artificial snow and could do it for a month and a half. We are pretty much alone in southern Sweden, says Markus Olofsson, who is responsible for operations at Smålandsposten.

For the summer, visitors can ride mountain bikes down the hill instead.

Nadia HagbergSkicka e-post
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