Macken in Växjö in bankruptcy

Foto:Olof Elfverson, Smålandsposten

The social enterprise Macken goes bankrupt. Macken had around 30 employees and was for a long time the largest private employer in Araby. Macken has had many businesses, an urban cultivation in Östrabro ekobacke and a business school for people outside the labor market.

- I wish Macken had lived a little longer. Secondly, Macken has had an exciting development last year, with two new restaurants and the country store in Torne. Everything felt so exciting. Still, things didn't go right. Liquidity was depleted after the hard years, says Fredrik Bergman, one of Mack's founders, in a press release.

Fredrik Bergman now criticizes Växjö Municipality.

- We went up to the municipality and presented an idea of ​​a visionary recycling center with workshops and a re-design museum. The municipality explained after a while that they liked the idea but wanted to implement it in the municipal government. They took our ideas and maneuvered us out, Hani said in a press release.