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Magic tricks at Tallgården

The IOGT-NTO's campaign "White Christmas" is aimed at both abstaining from alcohol and offering activities for young people during the Christmas holidays. In Växjö, the magician Fredrik Karlsson's family performances are a popular feature.
– Fun and exciting with magic, says Nicole Rodriguez, Ewaldi Söderlund and Michelle Rodriguez, who saw the magic show at Tallgården.
Växjö • Publicerad 7 januari 2020
Foto: David Färdigh

Coins hidden behind the ear and shoes that beep? There is a lot that can seem incomprehensible and even inexplicable during a spell show, Nicole Rodriguez, Ewaldi Söderlund and Michelle Rodriguez found when they were enchanted by Fredrik Karlsson's magic tricks at Tallgården in Araby. And interest in magic tricks seems to be on top.

– I've got a magic box that I practice at home with, says Ewaldi.


– You may be a future colleague, Fredrik noted.

During the Christmas weeks, the IOGT-NTO ran the "White Christmas" campaign, which aims to get adults to abstain from alcohol during the Christmas celebration and to also offer young people activities during the Christmas holidays. One of these activities is magic. Växjö wizard Fredrik "Comedy Magic" Karlsson attends the event for the third year in a row.

– This Christmas tour I have run eight family shows. The biggest audience success was in Vislanda and Vederslöv.

What is it like to do tricks for children? It may well be a pretty demanding crowd, right?

– I think it is funny. The performances are based on the fact that the children are involved. They comment on the performance and participate in the trick. Among other things, they help me toss invisible coins and invisible color.

Saturday's final performance at Tallgården attracted many laughs and surprised exclamations from both children and parents. For Fredrik, a magical year of magic tricks awaits everything from rural farms to restaurants.

– Among other things, I always do tricks the last Thursday night of the month at the Italian Palace. This summer, magical shows await for campsites and party venues around southern Sweden.

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