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Many people called SOS

Kronoberg • Publicerad 25 december 2019

During November, SOS Alarm received a record number of alarm calls in Kronoberg County. According to a press release, there were about 1,845 alarm calls for health-related cases, which is more calls per inhabitant than any other month in the past four years.

– During November, we had an increased proportion of care-related calls to 112. The figures for Kronoberg County show the total number of 112 calls with care needs, but should not be confused with the number of ambulance cases. One of our important tasks is to ensure that help is delivered to the right level of care, which means that an assessment is made in every 112 calls, says Magnus Käck of SOS Alarm.

The Municipality of Tingsryd had 129 calls per 10,000 inhabitants, which was the most number of all municipalities in the county. Växjö municipality's corresponding figure was 82.9, which was the least number of calls in the county.

Nadia HagbergSkicka e-post
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