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Mohammad Abbashar a young man who does not know the impossible

Mohammad Abbashar to Mosaik
– When I came to Sweden I had two goals, first goal was that I do not rely on the aid of the government financially. The second goal, learn Swedish language.
– I studied and got a job in the same company that I dreamed of working with.
My advice to the newcomers "As long as there is a chance to learn, learn!” and keep away from discouragers.
Växjö • Publicerad 15 juli 2019
Foto: Maha Nasser

Mohammad Abbashar came from Sudan to Sweden in 2009, escape from compulsory recruitment. He got the residence in 2011. I met Mohammed and we sat in a cafe in the city center. We asked for two cups of coffee, and we argued a bit about who paid the bill, but Mohammad reached to the payment machine first. While I was sipping coffee, Mohammed began talking about his experience in Sweden:

– After I made asylum, I waited for two years to get my residence During those two years I decided not to wait and I had to learn Swedish. I went to the library every day and stayed there, from morning until evening.


What Muhammad said triggered my curiosity to ask how can one learn in the library alone.

– There are grammar book translated to Arabic. It was the first book I learned. After that I tried to learn the vocabulary. In addition, I tried to talk to the library's visitors, especially the old people, and the library staff. I received a lot of support and encouragement. There are also a lot of simple textbooks that help you learn the language. At that time, many friends tried to discourage me and said you have not got a residence yet, and you may get rejected. You're wasting your time learning a language, and it's still unknown whether you will stay here or not. I have always replied to them; education is not a waste of time anyway. On the contrary, if I learn the language, I may get a job before I get a residence. There will be many opportunities. Language will also help me integrate into society. Mohammad continued to talk while I was listening to him attentively. He said "After I got my residence, I went to the" ISF " language school, and I ended ISF in only three months. There was an award, around SEK12,000, for those who has finished ISF in short time, and got it. Mohammed smiles and says I still remember that good. Today, I speak four languages: Arabic, Swedish, English, German. I learned German during my visit to Germany and by talking to friends.

I was excited to know more about Mohammad, that young man who does not know the impossible.

– When I came to Sweden, I did not have a secondary school. I entered to the adult education site known as "Komvux" and I downloaded materials such as social, math and other subjects of the secondary school curriculum. I finished high school after three years. I was not able to finish my studies in a short time because I was 50% working and studying 50%. I worked for a while at McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant, which also helped me to master the language". Mohammad says.

Have you had a specific goal or plan?

– When I came to Sweden I had two goals, first goal, was that I do not rely on the aid of the government financially, the second goal, learn Swedish language. Since I got the residency until today I never went to the Social Aid Office. With the exception of student assistance provided by the government to students, I was a student as well, and I was working and studying at the same time, thanks God.

What Mohammad was saying, is inspiring and motivating for many who do not know how to start their live in Sweden.

– I chose a specialty called “VVS-Montör” program. I studied in this technical program for a year and a few months. There was a great need for this field in the city of Sundsvall, where I lived before I move to Växjö. I decided to choose this field as an experiment, but when I started studying I like it. Because I like technology, more than literature or any other field.

Mohammed is married with Swedish woman called Desirée Karlsson, and they have a daughter called Alia. Mohammed pointed that, the family presence in his life helped him a lot to stabilize, his wife grants him support, encouragement and the necessary comfort to succeed.

– When I was in Sundsvall, I was driven by my destiny to know my current wife Desirée. After completing the technical program in Sundsvall, we moved to Växjö because Desirée adores the south because she is from the south, and Studied in Växjö. she also got an apartment in Växjö, says Mohammad.


But Mohammed had difficulty getting a job in Växjö.

– I had to have two years of experience to get a job. I was shocked and felt frustrated for a while, but decided not to give up. I corresponded with all the companies in the province of Kronoberg and the other province. They all apologized and said they have two or three workers in the same field. Then, I searched the Internet to learn a new profession that would enable me to work. I found a specialty in engineering field. Instead of being an operator, you would be the engineer who carry out project.

Mohammed says that is because of his mother's command, which she always says "As long as there is a chance to learn, learn!" That was what always pushed him forward.

– I submitted to the engineering specialization in a professional college that gives a high diploma, which is parallel to the period of study at the university with more emphasis on the practical. I got an admission at a university in Jönköping. I went from Växjö to Jönköping for three to four days a week. It was the hardest time, because I had to secure income for my family and study at the same time. Desirée was not working, because she was in the period of caring for our child and had material to pass through the university. Thankfully, I graduated this year on May 13, and got my diploma, and I got a job directly at one of the big engineering companies" VVS-Konsult" in Växjö, the same company that, I once dreamed of working with.  He says, and laughed hard.

Then, I realized how happy Mohammed was after ten years of struggle.

My curiosity prompted me to ask Mohammad more questions to learn more about his life.

How do you found the cultural diversity between you and Diseree?

– Desirée, and I are from two completely different backgrounds. There are significant differences between the two cultures. There was a collision at the beginning. But we always try to bring the views to reach a compromise that satisfies for both of us.

Can you explain more about the negatives and positives of this diversity?

– The most I have learned from the Swedish culture and from the Swedish people is the system and planning, and these was exactly what I lacked. What I do not like is isolation. The most annoying thing that makes Desirée angry at me is when I go out to spend my free time with friends. "As you know, we are very social people and we feel happier with social live. Then, I realized Desirée was right because my free time I have to spend it with my daughter and my wife. This is my duty. He added.


What about your musical interest?

– I have a great interest in being a DJ. I have also a great passion for reggae music, which is of Jamaican origin. It is a beautiful music, because it has a revolutionary message, love and sympathy with people. That reflects the background that we came from. It is considered the music for simple people. Now I have some time to learn after work. I am currently going to the "Bergendahlska gården" to play. I have a desire to become one of the best known DJs in Växjö. I received help from Simon Lindahl, a famous DJ player in Växjö. He gave me very high support, and he gave me a special DJ instrument. DJ is mix music harmoniously.

What is your plan for the future?

– I will develop my skill. Get higher education. There is always a question in my mind, is it possible to learn something new or study another field? Currently I am thinking of studying mechanical engineering or civil engineering. I have a high diploma now and I want to get a high degree. In addition, I have a plan to do my own project in contracting. My plan is starting from Sweden to various European countries and all over the world. I have engineer friends, living in other countries, such as Britain, Germany. We try to unite ideas with each other to work on our own project, and each one of us can develop the project according his field of specialization. I also want to contribute to the architectural renaissance in Sweden as well. I want to have an active role in it. But I still lack of sufficient experience and relationships.

What is your advice to newcomers?

– I will tell them my mother's advice to me "As long as there is a chance to learn, learn!". You are in Sweden, where education is free and this is an advantage you will not find in any other country. There is an opportunity to study with financial support that helps you continue your education. The opportunity for education in Sweden cannot be found in any country in the world. Second, learn Swedish because it will give you a lot of opportunities and will facilitate the integration process. keep away from discouragers. And finally, struggle, harvested.

Maha Nasser
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