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Municipal call: Do not use the places

Alvesta • Publicerad 18 mars 2020
.Foto: Per Hammenvik

The staff situation in preschools and leisure homes is strained due to the coronavirus disease COVID-19. Now Växjö municipality is going out with a call.

“We want to ask you who are orphaned or unemployed not to use preschool and recreation places until further notice. We urge you to have your children at home instead”, writes Växjö Municipality on their Facebook page.


Since the place at the preschool is maintained, there will be no fee reduction.

Even in Alvesta, the municipality asks guardians who are parents or job seekers to keep the children at home.

– The Board of Education has a very strained staffing situation at the municipality's preschools because of sick leave from the staff. Today we have some preschools with high absenteeism and the situation has deteriorated significantly since last week, says Frida Christensen, Chair of the Education Board.

Nadia HagbergSkicka e-post
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