Municipal order guards are proposed in Växjö

Foto:Lina Alriksson

Blågröna Växjö, which includes the parties Moderates, Christian Democrats, Liberals, Center Party and the Environment Party, wants municipal guards moving in the center during the afternoons and evenings.

Blågröna Växjö has also commissioned the commander to strengthen security-creating work in Växjö. In addition to municipal guards, Blågröna Växjö also wants to see an in-depth picture of the municipality's current security situation in Växjö urban area and especially selected urban areas in the countryside.

Insecurity has increased and both traders and visitors are witnessing crimes and strokes.

”We therefore see a need to further intensify the municipality's crime prevention and security work in the central parts of Växjö during late afternoons and evenings," writes Anna Tenje (M), chair of the local council, on Facebook.