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New café concept opens in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 27 maj 2020
Foto: Ica Maxi Växjö

ICA Maxi Växjö is investing in a unique café concept where they put the local and genuine in the first room.

– It should be fair as we say here in Småland, says the merchant Håkan Seiborg.


Just before midsummer, Café Gården is expected to open at ICA Maxi in Växjö. The new café is growing with both furniture and lighting from local manufacturers. When the café has opened, there will also be a major focus on local producing and products.

– We have a good location on Samarkand where there are a lot of people. Now we have worked hard to get a concept that really holds together, and we want the local to make an impression on the new café. It feels great fun to eventually open Café Gården, says Håkan Seiborg, who is a merchant at ICA Maxi Växjö.

The breads and pastries in Café Gården will be baked from the ground up in ICA Maxi's own bakery, and they also work closely with Alvestaglass. Due to the corona pandemic, the café will be waiting for some launches until after the summer, when also Småland baked potatoes, cheesecake and smoked pork sausage as well as meat-filled potato dumplings will be on the menu.

– We are passionate about the Swedish food and Småland, so we want to manifest it with this initiative. We believe and hope that it will become a destination itself. I'm pretty sure this is going to be popular. We make our own mashed potatoes, our own bread and will sell soft ice cream that is "to die for", says Håkan Seiborg.

Why are you making this investment?

– We want to stick out our chin and highlight the genuine, local and real. It should be fair as we say here in Smaland. We have great relationships with genuine, local producers, and we should proudly raise these.

In addition to Café Gården, ICA Maxi is also investing in redecorating the outdoor environment with a smaller square surface and a glass wall as a wind protection to reduce the pressure.

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