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New football club is formed in Alvesta

Alvesta • Publicerad 16 oktober 2019
Foto: Urban Nilsson

A new football association has seen the light of day. The chairman of the club is Ajdin Turcinovic. He has previously held board positions, and he has also been assistant coach at Alvesta GIF. But now he and a couple of friends at Linnaeus University choose to start their own.

– I do not think the concept in Alvesta worked completely. Not everyone was allowed to play football.


In the new club Alvesta United, Turcinovic and his friends intend to create a large group of players. One part of the group is seriously investing in series games. The other half will be football for everyone regardless of background. Just as the name United suggests, they want to "unite all parts of society" in Alvesta.

The team in the series games will be try for division 6 next seasons.

– We will pick players. We have experienced people and good contacts from Division 3 onward. We will try to pick local players and build as good a starting elf as possible. Our goal is to get up to five in two years and work on that.

The new club will have its home ground at Virdavallen in Alvesta. Whether they put preseason training on artificial grass there or in Vislanda is unclear. The economy decides.

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