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New goals will make the reception of asylum seekers and newcomers in the county more efficient

Several actors in Kronoberg County have signed an agreement that will make integration into working life and society as successful as possible for asylum seekers and newcomers.
Kronoberg • Publicerad 5 maj 2020

In 2018 and 2019, a working group has developed a strategy that will make the reception of asylum seekers and new arrivals in the county more efficient. The working group consisted of representatives from Länsstyrelsen in Kronoberg County, Region Kronoberg, the Employment Service, the Migration Board, the Linnaeus University and the Växjö Municipality. Together, they have reached an agreement on how people who come to the county from other countries should be received and established in working life and society.

– I am very pleased that the agreement is now signed and finalized. We need a more efficient reception of asylum seekers and newcomers in the county. And that requires collaboration and common goals, says Carin Lamme Lindh, Head of Unit at Länsstyrelsen in Kronoberg County.


The idea of ​​the agreement is, among other things, that the individual's resources should be utilized. Some goals are that the proportion of newcomer women who work or study after completion has at least doubled and that the proportion of employers who recruit newcomers should increase.

– Work on the agreement has been going on for more than a year and challenges and needs have been identified. The diversity that our new county residents can contribute is a necessity for the region's development and supply of skills. It is important that the resources of the individuals are utilized at the same time as the needs of the individual and society are better addressed, Carin Lamme Lindh continues.

In addition to those represented in the working group, Alvesta Municipality and Lessebo Municipality, among others, have signed the agreement.

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