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New owners of the gym in Moheda

Moheda • Publicerad 20 mars 2019
Foto: Sven Åkerdal

The gym in Moheda gets new owners. The couple Vernersson / Lindahl hands over to Josefin and Linus Sjöö Kejder. The gym in Moheda opened just over three years ago. Today, 200 people work out at the gym.

– It will be exciting, says Josefin Sjöö Kejder to Smålandsposten.


There is also a requirement to grow. Next to today's premises there is the library and they will soon move their business.

– I have as many ideas as possible, says Josefin Sjöö Kejder to Smålandsposten.

Visitors to the Moheda gym enter with a tag. There is full speed in the premises from early morning to late evening. The former owners have also offered their help in the future.

– We are also happy to provide and help if needed, says Urban Lindahl to Smålandsposten.

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