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New restaurant opens in Växjö

In early June, the new restaurant Hungrill is expected to open on Klostergatan in Växjö.
– There will be food from different cultures, says Amir Alizadeh.
Växjö • Publicerad 19 maj 2020
Foto: Oscar Appelgren

After six years, Little Mexico, one of Växjö's most popular restaurants, was closed last winter. The premises has now been taken over by Hungrill which will open in the early summer.

– We will offer pizza, kebabs, salads and an à la carte menu with, among other things, lasagna, baked potatoes and crispy chicken, says Amir Alizadeh, a partner at the restaurant.


He describes that they will serve food from different cultures and that there will be different types of kebab dishes, both Asian and Arabic varieties. There will also be pizza.

– I have a friend from Italy who is very good at pizza. We are going to start with Italian pizzas and then expand with Mexican pizzas.

Amir Alizadeh already runs Kebab House on Storgatan in Växjö and together with his companions he has been looking for premises where they can open a new restaurant.

– The room at Kebab House is so small so it will almost be just take away. At Hungrill we want you to be able to sit down and eat the food. When we were given the opportunity to take over Little Mexico's premises, we felt it was perfect. Hungrill will in the future also be able to take orders for parties.

The idea was that the restaurant would open on April 1 this year, but because of the corona pandemic, the opening date has been postponed until June 2.

– We took over the premises in February when the corona crisis did not really exist. It feels sad that we didn't get to open when we wanted to in April, but we should do it as best as we can when we open. It's about working with hygiene and serving good food, says Amir Alizadeh.

Hungrill will hire more staff for the restaurant but due to the prevailing situation it will happen later this year.

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