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Our experience of Ungdomsvasan

23th February Centrumskolan's 12 year olds went to Ungdomsvasan. For us pupils it was a big challenge and an exciting experience.
Mora • Publicerad 2 mars 2020

It was an early Saturday morning when the journey to Mora began. Everyone was excited and positive going up to Mora. The trip was very long. Not even knowing what skiing is or how to handle it, to manage to complete 9 km on skis is absolutely fantastic. All of us who skied came to the finish within two hours and David who is responsible from Centrumskolan did not really expect it since we only had practiced once on snow.

We have received a small interview with David Schylander our P.E teacher who is responsible for our practice.


– It was magical and you can not even describe it with words, he says and continues:

– It is a great pride for this school. 2018, 23 students participated Ungdomsvasan and now in 2020, 24 pupils from 6th grade participated.

When we were in the start we thought that we would not make it, but when we began it was ok. Most of us had a lot of problems with the first hill because it was our first hill, but we got better and better. Our technique was improved during the race. During the race it was tough for us, once we got to the finish it was a great joy.

The student that finished first from Centrumskolan was Othman Zaouat and Alia Abdirahman and Sali Hussein that shared the second place.

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