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Popular restaurant in Växjö is sold

Växjö • Publicerad 7 maj 2020
Foto: Emma Koivisto

A couple of years ago, Rustique - Wine Bar & Pub opened. Now the restaurant has been purchased by Erik Isaksson and Pierre Gustafsson, who will open the new restaurant Signatur in the premises on Sandgärdsgatan.

– We will make the restaurant ours. It will be a new start with a major renovation in the room and partly a new menu to make it our place. We have talked to some regulars and will keep the live music and the most popular dishes but also produce our own menu of home cooking, says Erik Isaksson.


He teams up with Pierre Gustafsson who has worked as a chef at The View at Vida Arena.

– In my opinion, he is one of Växjö's best chefs. Signatur should be a classic place with good food, good wine and a nice bar environment. We hope to keep Rustique's guests and attract more.

Erik Isaksson and Pierre Gustafsson have been at Rustique as guests for a long time. Then they have also been able to see what works and what they would like to do differently. They hope to open the new restaurant Signatur in early June. Before that, a major renovation is underway where the toilet will be demolished and a new bar will be built.

– It will be a unique bar that does not exist in Växjö. It becomes an elongated bar in cork that will become very elegant. The bar will also make it more inviting for the outdoor seating at the back. Signatur should be a place for everyone to go, says Erik Isaksson.

He has a basic bartender education but has worked for many years at Alvestaglass and Lohilo, most recently as factory manager.

– It feels fun to get into the pub business. I feel I need to do something new and I love challenges.

How do you think about current circumstances with the corona pandemic?

– It is a roller coaster with emotions. One moment I am very happy and the second I think about corona. You are wondering if we have done it in the right time, but I actually think we have. It can't get any worse.

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