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Popular restaurant opens in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 6 mars 2019
Foto: Gunnel Persson

During the summer of 2016, the popular restaurant Yummy Box opened in Bländapassagen in central Växjö. But after just barely two years, the restaurant announced that they were leaving the premises to look for something bigger in a better location.

This week, Yummy Box beats the gates for its new restaurant on Sandgärdsgatan in Växjö.


– It feels wonderful, it is about time. We have had a whole year to plan and renovate the premises. This week we start with being open on the evening and next week we hope to be open during lunch time, says the owner Nova Muhic.

The new restaurant will have both hot and cold food. It also means that Yummy Box will be able to serve hot dishes, something they could not do in the Bländarpassagen.

– We have hired new chefs and will run this together. There will be sushi and Japanese hot dishes in the beginning, but in the future we will also aim for a Thai menu, says Nova Muhic.

The restaurant has gone from having ten seats to about 30.

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