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Premiere opening for gaming hall in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 14 maj 2019
Foto: David Färdigh

Nostalgic pinball games combined with modern dance machines and Japanese music games. On Saturday Småland Spelhall opened at Arabygatan in Växjö. The owners Fredrik and Ida Lidholt hope to attract game enthusiasts of all ages.

– Here you should be able to relive old favorites but also discover completely new arcade games. You might often surprise yourself. A big part of the charm is that you get stuck for completely different games than you first imagined.

Smålands Spelhall will initially be open to the public two days a month. Otherwise, booking is required. It can be anything from friends but also company events.

– We can receive 50 people at the same time. The wide range of games means that here is something that fits everyone. And it is fun to compete with each other of course.

Fredrik and Ida's hope is to be able to attract people of all ages, young people, parents and older gamblers.

David FärdighSkicka e-post
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