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Pride - a party for everyone

Växjö • Publicerad 7 maj 2019
Foto: Lars-Goran Rydqvist

Växjö Pride's great final will take place on May 11th. Tthousands of people gather to walk in and cheer on the colorful Pride parade.

The parade is Växjö Pride's biggest event, and for everyone who wants to join in and tribute love.


– This is when we show that Växjö is a place for everyone, says Växjö Prides Chairman Suzana Moćević.

Each year, a special group carry the flag of honor at the front of Saturday's Pride Parade. This year's group will be proud relatives.

– It has been important for us that the honorary assignment goes to the people who are closest to us. It can be our closest family, but also our chosen family. There is a symbolic value in that those who support us in everyday life and in our struggle get the honorary assignment to carry the flag.

When the parade has traveled through town and landed in the Linnaeus park, it is time for the Pride concert. Then Mattias Skantze sings this year's Växjö Pride song, but the audience will also see and listen to the artist Peg Parnevik.

- I'm nervous but mostly excited. It is extra special to play at a Pride Festival.

During the concert, Sebastian Walldén also performs. Sebastian won Idol 2018 and he is the first winner who is openly gay.

– It feels great to come to Växjö and I really look forward to it. I have never been there before but I promise to offer a nice show with both uptempo and a slower songs.

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