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Problem solving during 24 hours

Problem solving for 24 hours. The IT event Open Science Hack was arranged at Linnaeus University in Växjö this weekend. Eight teams worked during an intensive day to deliver various problem solutions.
– IT students and IT professionals are competing to come up with smart solutions, says Julia Ostheimer, chairman of the organizational network Kodkollektivet.
Växjö • Publicerad 9 april 2019
Foto: David Färdigh

Hackathon is an event where programmers meet other programmers to inspire each other. At the Linnaeus University this weekend, Open Science Hack was held for the first time, which brought together students and IT professionals in the business and public sector. In total, there were about 40 participants.

– We have put together eight teams with four to five participants who are challenged in problem solving. The main theme is science. The aim is both to inspire the boundaries of science and to create new contacts, says Julia Ostheimer at the Code Collective, which together with the university, Spiik, Witech and Vxodev are behind the event.


The teams were given 24 hours to deliver answers to the challenges with thought and programming. One of the teams consisted of Umer Hayat, Alex Beattie, Koushika Prasanna and Cahit Sahin, who comes from Pakistan, USA, India and Turkey. None of them knew each other before.

– Apart from a first match meeting two weeks ago, this is the time we meet. We work individually on different solutions to the problems and then discuss what ideas are best.

Do you get along?

– So far, it has been a quite good mood, the group declares.

With start shot at 11 am on Saturday morning and presentation at 11 am on Sunday morning, it is intensive thinking and programming that applies. The best solutions are rewarded with prizes. The winners are appointed by a jury and the purpose of the event is to show how programming can contribute to different kinds of knowledge.

– And the problem solutions include both social sciences, humanities and technology. Everyone can benefit from programming.

Will Open Science Hack Become a Tradition?

– Yes, the goal is that it it going to be a recurring inspiration meeting where students and IT professionals meet across borders.

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