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Roshdi runs his own hairdressing salon in Växjö

When the situation worsened in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the hairdresser Roshdi Al Qaddomi fled to Sweden. He came to Växjö in 2012 and three years ago he started his own company and took over Salong Royal on Storgatan. The very best thing about the hairdressing profession is the social contacts that you make, says Roshdi.
– Through conversations with the customers, I have learned much about the Swedish society and Swedish culture.
Växjö • Publicerad 10 juli 2019
Foto: Nadia Hagberg

When Mosaik visits Salong Royal, the final fine-tuning of the extensive renovation that the hairdressing salon has undergone in recent weeks is ongoing. Wooden panels on walls, shelves of oak and large mirror sections create a modern and at the same time a cozy feeling.

– The customer's rating is that it looks good and modern. It has almost become like a brand-new hairdressing salon, says Roshdi happily.


Roshdi is a Palestinian but born and raised in Iraq. In his former hometown of Baghdad, he worked as a hairdresser, but when the unrest in the country worsened, he chose to leave and to seek refuge in Sweden via Syria and Turkey in 2007. Even in the new home country, Roshdi had set his sights on the hairdressing profession. He moved around Sweden and worked at various hairdressing salons to get as much experience as possible.

– Being a hairdresser in Sweden differs quite a lot compared to Iraq. While the Iraqis have thick hair, the Swedes are more thin-haired. So I had to adapt the cutting technique a lot.

Roshdi worked at hairdressing salons in Uppsala and Luleå.

– In Luleå it was too cold and it snowed a lot, so I did not enjoy it very much.

In 2012 Roshdi came to Alvesta and later on moved to Växjö. The goal was to start his own business and to own a hair salon.

– There were plenty of vacant properties outside Växjö but I wanted something in the city. I was looking for a long time and so in the winter of 2016 I saw that Royal Salong on Storgatan was for sale.

Roshdi bought it right away. The opening day was on a Saturday and it became a sweaty experience.

– I worked alone in the salon and there were more customers than I had expected. So it was stressful and sweaty, but I am used to work hard.

And a good fighting morality in combination with a professional skillset has shown the way for Roshdi, who after three years at Salong Royal worked up a considerable amount of regular customers.

– Customers recommend me and the rumor spreads further. Today I have customers of all ages. In the mornings, there are many retirees and in the afternoons, middle-aged adults and young people come.


What is the best thing about being a hairdresser?

– Getting to meet so many people. Customers tell me about their lives and about society. I have learned so much about both the language and the Swedish culture through all conversations with my customers.

Salong Royal is expanding and Roshdi currently has two employees. He is now looking forward to the summer, which means high season.

– Then the tourists come. Many Danes and Germans who go on Storgatan stops here to cut their hair as a holiday cut. I like the summer.

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