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Studio 17- Activities in Araby

Welcome to Studio 17, free activities for all children in Araby, kids can choose between music and puppetry so come and try it out!
The activities takes place in Araby Park Arena and Centrumskolan. The youth editorial is interviewing the coordinator of Studio 17.
Växjö • Publicerad 25 oktober 2019

We are interviewing Hans Parment from Kulturskolan in Växjö. He is the coordinator for Studio 17 in Växjö but he is also responsible for Teleborg and Braås. He tells us that you can come and try out different exciting activities after school. For example, you can try violin, guitar, puppet theater and many other things.

– You can go to Studio 17 if you’re bored or if you are trying to find an activity you like, says Hans Parment.


It is completely free for all children who attend school here in the Araby area. Hans Parment who works at Kulturskolan, says that the project started when they compared how many children from Centrumskolan participated in a cultural activity compared to how many children attend Kulturskolan from other parts of Växjö.

– It was noticed that, there were only five students who attended their activities from Centrumskolan, says Hans.

It was much fewer pupils than it was in other areas and schools. So Hans definitely wanted to change that and with the help of The State Culture Council, they started the project that is now called Studio 17. The name proposal Studio 17 came from the principal of Centrumskolan, Rikard Samuelsson and the number 17 was added because “then we’ll never have to think about when the project started” said an employee at Kulturskolan.

You may be wondering what activities you could attend, these are; picture/animation, guitar, violin, drama & dance and singing! The activities takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Registration notes and a brochure are given to the students by his/ her teacher, so remember to take the note home and register it and give it to your teacher.

Så här jobbar Mosaik Vxonews med journalistik. Uppgifter som publiceras ska vara korrekta och relevanta. Vi strävar efter förstahandskällor och att vara på plats där det händer. Trovärdighet och opartiskhet är centrala värden för vår nyhetsjournalistik.