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Stuffed schedule during job week in Växjö

Be curious, interested and not afraid to take a chance. That’s the main tip from the project manager of Växjölöftes job week to all visitors planning on stopping by.
Växjö • Publicerad 30 januari 2019
Växjölöftets jobbmässa 2018
Växjölöftets jobbmässa 2018Foto: Lars-Goran Rydqvist

Between the 4th and 8th of February, Växjölöftets job week is arranged for its second year in a row. It’s a week with focus on education, work and matching the right employee with the right employer within Kronoberg.

– The purpose with the job week is to create a unique middle ground for both employers as well as employees within the county, says Emma Andersson and Ola Landström, project managers for Växjölöftets job week.


A major aspect of the job week is the job fair where roughly a hundred different companies and organisations will attract close to 5000 visitors.

– The point of the fair is for both employees and employers to meet, which in turn could lead to job opportunities.

During the fair there is a wide array of activities available to the visitors. In addition to talking to representatives from different companies there is also an opportunity to attend a speed interview. One may attend lectures or take part of information regarding different educations.

– Several entrepreneurs who participated last year ended up hiring people whom they met at the fair. They were very satisfied, and a great deal are returning this year. Everyone who’s registered at the job centre have been extended an invite, as well as all secondary school students at the local schools in Växjö.

According to Emma and Ola nearby municipalities such as Lessebo and Alvesta will be provided with free busses.

– Even if the fair won’t result in a job straight away, it’s a place of both inspiration and information for the visitor. Which might lead to work at a later stage. The possibility that the employer might recognise you the next time you apply for a job is tremendous.

Visitors of the fair will be able to access interpreters.

– There will be staff on hand able to speak both Somali and Arabic.

What’s important to keep in mind when visiting the fair?

– Be curious and show interest. Don’t be afraid to talk to people and show who you are. The entrepreneurs are there to meet you, make sure you seize the opportunity.


However, the fair isn’t the only event during the week.

– This week is filled with lectures and different activities aimed first and foremost towards the employers and corporations.

A new addition for this year is the option to have someone help you with your résumé a week prior to the start of the job week.

– There will also be tips and guidelines on how to land a job in relation to the fair in tipshallen.

During 2019 the majority of Kronoberg’s employers plan to hire and according to the Employments service labour market forecast employment within the county is expected to increase with 2000 jobs, 1200 during 2018 and 800 the following year.

– There are good prospects of finding a job in the future. There are industrial jobs as well as within IT in Kronoberg. However, the imbalance between the demand of educated workers and the capability of those seeking employment is far too great. In many cases you need secondary education in order to land a job.

With the increase in Sweden’s population and people from foreign countries settling down there has been and addition in the work force.

– Two out of three who are employed in Sweden have migrated.

In the short term the increase in population has led to a rise in unemployment, however according to the employment services analysis immigrants may serve as a supplement of labour whom may alleviate gaps in the labour market.

– Several parties must cooperate in order to find new opportunities for migrants to enter the labour market. The job week may serve as such, according to Emma and Ola.

A great opportunity for local business and those seeking employment to meet and interact.

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