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Stulic is ready for a tough EM

Sweden are facing a tough ordeal. Victor Stulic and the P17 national team are hopeful prior to the European championship.
Publicerad 2 maj 2019
.Foto: Filip Sjöfors

Victor Stulic, goalkeeper for Öster, is ready for the U17 European championship. The championship will take place in Ireland and the national team arrived in Dublin on Monday. The team will face the Netherlands, France and England in the group stages which begins on Friday.

– We’ve found ourselves in the group of death, to be honest, says the ÖIF keeper.


During a tournament earlier this spring, when Stulic and his teammates played in Serbia, Sweden lost against France with 2-0. However, Stulic highlights another country as group favourites.

– I think the Netherlands might be favourites. They won last year, and I’ve heard from who have played them that they are quite good.

On Friday the team will face the Netherlands, on Monday they’ll play France and finally go against England on the coming Thursday.

– If we preform like we are supposed to and play on a high level, we should have a chance to make it out of the group and maybe even further.

What do you think of your chances of playing?

– I’m not sure to be honest. I didn’t play in Serbia although I’m obviously hoping I’ll get a chance. The other goalkeeper is quite good as well.

Although the odds of Stulic playing aren’t great he’s elated to be part of the squad.

– It’s a great time, not everyone gets the opportunity to participate in a championship like this.

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