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Suspected corona patient stepped into health center - had to close

Lammhult • Publicerad 13 mars 2020
.Foto: Jonas Engman

During Wednesday, a person with coronavirus symptoms went to the Lammhult health center. The health center had to close, follow the routines and take action.

– The premises had to be ventilated for two hours. The health centers have followed the routines that exist. It is very unfortunate that the person showed up and it affects the whole business. This is not the way to go, says Marie Lendahls, press secretary at the Kronoberg Region.

According to Kronoberg Region, it is important that people who suspect they have been infected do not go directly to a health clinic. If you have a fever, cough or breathing disorder and have recently traveled in an area that the Public Health Agency has pointed out for sampling or had close contact with someone who has covid-19, you should call 1177 first. There you will get information on how to seek care.

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