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The cholera epidemic is sweeping Yemen again

A chronicle by Maha Nasser.
Publicerad 17 maj 2019

With the continued of the international community disappoints Yemen's nation, and the failure of the legitimate government which residing in the hotels of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, to perform its duty properly, and because of The fateful role that played by the coalition forces in Yemen. As well as, the continuation of the group of death in the coup, the seizure of state institutions, and the siege of Yemeni cities. That led to disastrous results in Yemen.

People around the world are waiting for the most beautiful seasons of the year to spend summer vacations and enjoy the summer. While Yemenis wait for death. Every summer the have only an appointment with cholera. The continuation of the war has contributed to the spread of epidemics such as malnutrition, cholera and dengue fever. With the onset of the summer and the beginning of the rainy season, the problems are exacerbated and the cholera disease returns, threatening thousands of Yemenis with death. There are a severe shortage of health services. The war has also destroyed many health facilities, and the rest of them suffer from a shortage of beds and medicines. Which makes it difficult to provide the necessary treatment for patients. Most residents do not have money to receive treatment, so access to health care is difficult. The deterioration of the economic situation and the environmental pollution which caused by the war, as well as food insecurity and lack of access to drinking water. Most of the population is using rain water. As well as the deterioration of sanitation services. This has contributed to the spread of cholera. This threatens another humanitarian catastrophe will happen in Yemen. Unless intervention is made to address the problem and reduce the spread of the disease.

The rising numbers every day indicate that Yemen is on the brink of a new outbreak, in which the mortality rate may increase, due to widespread malnutrition and worsening humanitarian conditions. At this time in 2017, the average cholera mortality rate in Yemen was 27 person per day, according to the World Health Organization. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has estimated that the number of cases in past years has exceeded one million cases and more than 2,000 deaths, most of them children. According to the World Health Organization, cholera is an acute diarrhea-causing infection. It is caused by eating food or drink contaminated with cholera. In severe cases, the disease can kill the patient within hours if he does not receive the necessary health care.

Humanitarian conditions have become disastrous in Yemen. The expansion of the fighting and the deterioration of the economic and social conditions have contributed to the spread of many diseases and epidemics, which will kill much more victims than the war does. Therefore, immediate intervention by all responsible bodies and organizations, to reduce the spread of epidemics in Yemen is necessary. Also providing necessary health care for patients. There must be a serious call by the international community to stop the war in Yemen, which has caused great damage to infrastructure, which makes Yemen lacks the most basic elements, especially in the health aspect. Without any help it would be like the genocide of the Yemenis.

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