The doctor's requests and advice about the Coronavirus

Hundreds of thousands of people have been infected and thousands have died of coronavirus disease COVID-19. Residents have also been affected in Kronoberg.
– If you feel the slightest cold, stay home. It is everyone's responsibility, says Christian Romin Blomkvist, infection control physician in the Kronoberg Region.
Kronoberg • Publicerad 27 mars 2020
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COVID-19 has affected many parts of the world in various ways. In Sweden, the government has chosen to stop all public gatherings with more than 500 people, which has led to many entertainment and sporting events being canceled. Many industries are severely affected by the coronavirus progress and the fear of infection causes many to choose to stay at home. COVID-19 is the official name for the disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

– It spreads fairly quickly, and we try to reduce the risk of infection. We have chosen to prioritize those who are at risk and that we are afraid of the elderly and fragile. We all have a social responsibility to do what we can, says Christian Romin Blomkvist, who is an infection prevention physician in the Kronoberg Region.


There are numerous viruses that belong to the coronavirus family and most are found in different animal species. In total, there are seven coronaviruses that can infect and cause disease in humans. Four of these viruses are common and cause colds, while the variants Sars and Mers coronavirus cause significantly more serious respiratory diseases. According to the Public Health Authority, the symptoms are mainly fever and cough, but also respiratory effects, sore throat, headaches, muscle and joint pain are common symptoms.

The virus is primarily infected by contact with droplets and secretions from the respiratory tract, which can occur directly from coughing and sneezing or by contact between people. Christian Romin Blomkvist points out that the most important thing is good hand hygiene and that one should cough and sneeze in the arm fold or in a paper handkerchief to prevent the spread of contamination in the environment and contaminate the hands.

– If you feel the slightest cold, stay home. It is everyone's responsibility right now. Avoid social contact to the extent possible and if you have a new cold, it is important to be home from work or school. Wait two days for you to be completely healthy before leaving home and pull down on the activities that are not necessary, he says.

In the stores around Kronoberg County, the shelves have gaped empty after many people chose to bunk and buy dry goods, canned goods and toilet paper. According to Christian Romin Blomkvist, it is not necessary at this time.

– The general recommendations say that you do not need to bunker more than you usually should.

Christian Romin Blomkvist emphasizes that most people become mildly ill and do not need hospital care. Several of those who have fallen ill in Kronoberg County are fully recovered.

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