The chain store closes in central Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 10 januari 2019
Genrebild.Foto: Olof Elfversson

The owners of the interior design store Önska in central Växjö have decided to close the store.And the reason why the store is closing is that sales in 2018 did not become what the owners had wished for. Therefore, they made the decision at the turn of the year.

- We started our opening strongly last year, we became this year's "Önska Store" in the Önska chain but met quickly by setbacks. First, the bridge at the hospital is shut down and then the summer and the extreme heat that did not favor our trade in the interior came, the owners say.When they would then try to recover, one of the main routes was closed to the city for several months.

- The stores in City struggle every day to remain, and they need all support from customers, the media and the municipality. Soon it is just cafe, restaurants and opticians left in the City. I believe that the municipality's changes lead to something positive in the end, but we are not part of the change that is taking place at the same time with the online shopping, says one of the owners, Betina Krighaar Henriksson.They will sell out but it is not clear when the store closes at the moment. The store may open in another location in Växjö in the future.

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