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The party leader visited Araby

Växjö • Publicerad 3 mars 2020
Foto: Ronja Andersson

On Monday, the Liberal Party leader Nyamko Sabuni visited Araby in Växjö. The reason for the visit was that she wanted to get a picture of what the police call particularly vulnerable areas. The Liberals' goal is that there should be no vulnerable areas by 2030.

– The reason I travel around to these areas is because there are criminal elements that make it difficult for many residents here. This is because we have schools that do not give the children the education they are entitled to, says Nyamko Sabuni.


Nyamko Sabuni, together with local representatives from the Liberals, visited the police station in Araby where the police talked about their crime prevention work in the district. Nyamko Sabuni then proceeded to the center of Dalbo and finished at Araby Park Arena where the staff talked about their work.

According to Nyamko Sabuni, these areas must be more equal if vulnerable areas are to disappear by 2030.

– We need to lift these residential areas. We have to make sure that adults get into employment, children get the education they are entitled to and then that it becomes better equality, that is, more women must work and become self-sufficient, says Nyamko Sabuni and continues:

– In Araby, I think you need to look more at how the school can deliver better results for young people. But also look at the parallel societies that are emerging, that is, judiciary takes place alongside the democratic processes and that is not good, says Nyamko Sabuni.

Ronja Andersson
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