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The police and the Municipality promise increased security in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 4 maj 2020
Foto: Växjö kommun

Växjö Municipality and the police have signed a document where they promise increased security and a reduced amount of crimes in the municipality. On Wednesday, the municipal council's chair Anna Tenje (M) and local police area manager Jonas Eek signed the pledge and the parties promise to work proactively against youth groups that create concern in public places.

– We are now taking another step forward towards a safer Växjö. The Pledge is a binding agreement with measures that show the good cooperation that exists between the municipality and the Police. Having a common consensus on the problems is fundamental to a safe municipality, then we really gather energy, says Anna Tenje (M), chair of the municipal council.


Växjö Local Police Area and Växjö Municipality promise in the citizen's promise that:

  • Intervene against young people who disrupt public order and involve custodians.
  • Have a high adult presence at festivals and youth events in the form of night walkers, field workers, police officers and police volunteers.
  • Increase adult presence in the center of Växjö and other priority areas during times that are perceived as unsafe.
  • Conduct at least 80 educational opportunities on values ​​and the consequences of criminal or norm-breaking behavior for young people in Växjö municipality.
  • Contribute preventive tips and advice to shops, property owners and housing companies to prevent crime and create safer environments.
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