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The street the street lights on the national road goes out - for the sake of bats

Växjö • Publicerad 31 mars 2020
.Foto: Lars-Göran Rydqvist

There is a very popular place for bats near the water in Helgevärma in Växjö. The street lights interferes with the animals and prevents them from crossing the road. Because of this, the Swedish Transport Administration and the municipality of Växjö will extinguish the street lights on parts of national highway 25, which goes right through the area. From April 1, the lighting goes out.

– The bats are nocturnal animals that are disturbed by the strong street lights, and therefore they cannot move freely in the area. We therefore choose to turn off the lighting on certain parts of the route to benefit the bats' lives during the summer months when they are most active, says Eva Ditlevsen, environmental specialist at the Swedish Transport Administration.

Parts of the route will be illuminated from a road safety perspective, such as for entrances and exits.

Oscar AppelgrenSkicka e-post
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