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This is the workplace of the year in Växjö

Växjö • Publicerad 9 april 2020
.Foto: Anders Bergön

Växjö Municipality has presented the Workplace of the Year in the Växjö Municipal in 2019. The winner is the short-term accommodation Furutåvägen 9B, which offers young people with disabilities environmental change and a stimulating leisure time, while relatives get relief.

– It is fun to see the business's clear connection to the municipal council's process goals. The understanding of how everything is connected and influences the day-to-day work becomes clear and benefits everyone, says Eva Johansson (C), chair of the local council's organizational and staff committees.


Employees have been nominated for workplaces within Växjö municipality's administrations and companies.

The motivation: At the short-term housing for young people on Furutåvägen 9B, employees work in a solution-focused and with great responsiveness to the best interests of every youth. "Nothing is impossible" and "We stand for each other" is therefore characteristic of the workplace. Within the working group there is trusting communication, both in everyday work and in planning and following up on overall budget goals. There is a great commitment and responsibility for working with the business's working environment and financial conditions. The Växjö Municipal Group's value base permeates the workplace's work throughout, such as in the culture of meeting, sustainability and quality work, the view on competence development and exchange of experience and a solid systematic work environment work.

The short-term accommodation Furutåvägen 9B now receives 14,000 Swedish crowns to spend on any activity.

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