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This is where Växjö Art Hall and The House of the Free Word end up

Växjö • Publicerad 27 februari 2020
Växjö Konsthall
Växjö KonsthallFoto: LENA GUNNARSSON

The tours and plans for the Växjö Art Hall and the House of the Free Word have been many. Now, Växjö Municipality writes in a press release that the activities will be co-located in the existing premises of the art hall. An investigation shows that the solution could provide a number of financial and operational benefits.

– During the autumn and winter, solid work has been done in accordance with the assignment given in the budget for 2020, when the Culture and Leisure Committee was commissioned to make savings through coordination of cultural institutions. Many alternatives have been discussed, but we have landed in that the solution we are now presenting is the best. We have managed to reduce the rental cost for the current premises and make a saving as we get rid of the rent for the House of the Free Word and also see operational profits, says Jon Malmqvist (KD) chairman of the Culture and Leisure Committee.


Shortly, work begins on planning for the relocation of the House of the Free Word and on planning the content of the activities going forward.

– It is nice that we have finally received a message on where the Växjö Art Hall are going to be located in the future. Now we are looking forward and I see many opportunities for collaboration with both the House of the Free Word but also with the city library that we have opposite us, says Filippa de Vos, art gallery manager.

– I believe that the fact that we end up in the same room as Växjö Art Hall and close to the city library will have synergy effects for all our operations. It will be felt throughout Växjö's cultural life., says Nahide Arabadji, business developer at the cultural and leisure administration.

The decision to co-locate Växjö Art Hall and The House of the Free Word will be included in the Culture and Leisure Committee on March 11.

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