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Thousands of children have parents with debts with Kronofogden

Kronoberg • Publicerad 28 juni 2019
.Foto: Ulrika Bergström

More than 3,100 children in Kronoberg County live in families where at least one parent has debts with the Swedish National Insurance Agency. Of these, just over one thousand live in Växjö municipality, almost 400 in Alvesta and over 200 in Lessebo.

– As a parent and adult, it is important to explain that it is never the children's responsibility if the family has difficulty getting the money enough. Parents are role models and how we act plays a role. It is not about what is right or wrong, but only about the fact that we adults need to talk more about money and consumption with our children. Early reflection on the value of money puts a foundation for a good personal economy throughout life, says Tina Häggmark at Kronofogden.

In the country as a whole, it is almost 183,000 children, which means more than every twelve child.

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