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Växjö authors book turns into movie

Växjö • Publicerad 20 mars 2019
.Foto: Filip Sjöfors

The author Ester Roxberg wrote a few years ago the book "Min pappa Ann-Christine” (My dad Ann-Christine). It is about her father Åke who in 2010 came out as Ann-Christine and now lives as a woman. The book will now be the movie "Min pappa Marianne” (My dad Marianne), with Rolf Lassgård and Lena Endre in the cast.

- It is a drama comedy with emphasis on drama, freely based on my book. A warm movie with a lot of humor, a bit of feel good. An easily accessible and wide film, but at the same time there is a depth and a general human tone. About the courage to be yourself. The movie will be a good way to raise these issues, says Ester Roxberg to Smålandsposten.

Rolf Lassgård plays the father, Lena Endre is the mother and Hedda Stiernstedt has the role of their daughter.

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