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Växjö companies support each other - lend bikes for home delivery

Växjö • Publicerad 24 mars 2020
Foto: Ronja Andersson

Many stores in Växjö have started with delivery to facilitate those who do not want or can get out. In turn, to facilitate the stores, Växjö City's collaboration came up with the idea of ​​delivering with a bicycle. The store Cykel och Fritidscenter in Växjö therefore lends bikes free of charge to stores that make home deliveries.

– The stores in central Växjö can call us and book a bicycle for a delivery they will make in the immediate area. They drive the delivery and then come back with the bike and then it becomes available to the next one who wants to borrow it, says Mats Alfredsson, owner of Cykel och Fritidscenter.


The shop has two electric bikes available and according to Mats Alfredsson it is still enough.

– So far there has only been a flower delivery, but it has just arrived, and now it is starting to get a little spread, says Mats Alfredsson.

Many industries have been hit hard by the coronavirus and Mats Alfredsson has noticed that fewer and fewer people are visiting central Växjö, but he is positive about his profession.

– There are fewer people in motion, but I still think this industry should not be the most disadvantageous. It is difficult to get infected if you are out cycling in the fresh air. But we realize the seriousness of this clearly and it is a worrying scenario, says Mats Alfredsson.

Ronja Andersson
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