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Växjö municipality about the corona virus

Växjö • Publicerad 3 mars 2020
Marcus Holmqvist.
Marcus Holmqvist.Foto: LENA GUNNARSSON

Växjö Municipality receives some questions about the recommendations regarding the corona virus. The municipality announces that they are following developments and the national recommendations.

– We understand that there are many questions and if the situation changes we will update the information. It is important that employees, guardians and so on feel that they have the knowledge they need, says Marcus Holmqvist, security manager at Växjö Municipality.

“The municipality of Växjö complies with the recommendations of national authorities and also has continuous contact with the infection control physician at the Kronoberg Region. The recommendations that apply right now are that those who have been in an area where the spread of infection has been detected (currently areas in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran) and return to Sweden can go to work or school as usual as long as you do not get symptoms on respiratory tract infection. If, on the other hand, you get symptoms, you should call 1177, try and stay home until you get an answer”, writes Växjö Municipality on their website.

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